Luna Online: Now in Philippine Shores

Sabi nila, isa ang Philippine Shores sa pinaka magagandang shores sa buong mundo. Boracay, Pagudpud, Etc. Blah.. Blah..

At dahil ang Tao mahilig sa laro, ito ang isang update.

sa Topic na.. Runup Games Philippines is going to release Luna Online here in the Philippines. Run Up Games is a company that will aggresively bring different MMOGs in Asia.  Service and Quality are the aims of the company, it will release 5 games in 2008 and we could expect more games by 2009.

Luna PH CBT starts on July 31, 2009 and from what i heard, OBT starts on Aug. 10, 2009.

What is Luna Online?

Duh. You really dont know?

Ang Luna Online ay isang F2P MMOG from Korean Based EYA Company. Meron itong cute, anime inspired graphics and it focuses on interaction in its community. It is set in a fantasy world called Blueland. Its system requirements are the following :

OS: Windows 2k, XP, Vista, its not yet compatible with Windows 7.


CPU: 1.4 – 1.8 Ghz

HD Space: 4 GB

Graphics Hardware: 256 MB VC Graphics Accelerator Cards, Direct X 9.0

Network: Internet Connection Required


It is ur simple MMOG Point-Click-Kill, Do quest RPG, with the following:


Classes when ur character grows are different and availability of these depend on your race and class.

HUMAN – Str and Damage oriented.

ELF – Defense Oriented.


You start primarily in these classes.

Fighter – Fighters are melees of the Game. They can usually aim for high def or high damage. They can grow as Warriors(Damage dealers) and Guards(Tanks).

Rogue – Rogues are built with range and speed. they use light armor and use bows and daggers as main weapons. They can grow as Voyagers(Bow Class) and Ruffians(Dagger Class).

Mages – Ofcourse, no RPG is cool without theses hard hitters, DD(Damage Dealer) class. Mages are the Magic users on the game and focus on dealing Magic Damage(Ouch) and Supportive skills. They can be clerics and wizards later in the game.

Class Tree

This is where it gets interesting. As you grow, different character paths are open to you, for example as a Human Fighter i can go warrior or guard after that i could be phalanx or Mercenary or Swordsman, Merc are specially for humans so it is not available for elf Warriors nor Guards.

There are many Character Classes so replayability is very much guaranteed.

Match Making System

Luna offers match making system by asking ur Personal Info. like region, age, gender and likes and dislikes, the match making system, when activated searches for players who are potential matches based on the information you provided it.

Example. I put glasses, black hair and parties on my likes and fat, horny on my dislikes, the match making system will display players with same likes and dislikes as me and hearts will be popping out of our heads.

When you meet your match, you could go dating on Date Dungeons and reap rewards.

Family System

Take ur relationship to the nxt lvl. After dating you could start families, buy a farm and earn luna gold. Sweet. Of course, no farm is complete without seeds so you better stock up on seeds if ur planning to make a farm.

PVP System

The PVP System is the duel me, we fight, win or lose no reward type. The thing is, if you pvp, ur HP and MP does not automatically heal after.

There are also PK enabled Maps so watch out. What you dont know PK? Player Kill, it means Killing PLAYERS without their consent, usually for fun, fame and rewards.

Fishing System

Yes you could Fish in Luna, and its a separate thing, you could be a fisher master at lvl 10.  XD. Fishing also allow you to gain rare items in-game.


With families, you buy  a farm, ur family shares a common storage and meeting place in Luna. You, as head of ur family pays an up keep amount for farm rental. The game has a limited number of farms so, better save up.


Yes crafting is enabled in this game, crafting incorporates creation of items and having ur name in their description. Plus, crafted items comes with random stat ups. COOL.

You could also enchant items using gems, different gems different effects. Enchanting gives an item cool stat ups, damage ups and def ups and alot more. So, dont throw away gem pieces. Those are precious.


As Luna Online hits Philippine Shores, we expect RunUP Games Inc. to provide fun and entertainment to the community, take in account the voice of the community, as well as tailor fit the prices on the item mall for the Philippine Market.

Sabi nga ng website: ” Bulilit subalit Malupit

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10 Responses to “Luna Online: Now in Philippine Shores”

  1. Hampazlupa Says:

    woot… di mo na sabi na change job every 20 levels. XD

  2. Just Some Guy Says:

    Not always 20 levels.. Its actually level 20|40|75.. :3

  3. argh Says:


  4. UhmBaggin Says:

    Hilig sa spam nung isa oh.. :3

  5. >. Says:


  6. shiMiChi Says:

    hehe..advocate ng wikipedia ehh…


    • UhmBaggin Says:

      hehehe.. cympre bear.. mamat sa pagbisita.. :3 hehe.. because wikipedia is the online encyclopedia, no need for tiring book browsing and etc. :3 XD

  7. shiMiChi Says:

    au contraire, my bear..

    wikipedia is not always reliable, coz it’s open to the general community to edit as they wish. And not all things are always facts. ^_^

    but I’m not one to complain..I (ab)use it too haha.


    note to the defense oriented part of elves..
    weird enough, I made an elf mage and it totally sucks!
    my human mage never used a single potion but my elf mage is sucking my storage dry! (ok,exaggerating hehe)

    • UhmBaggin Says:

      Yeah, i also noticed that wikipedia is editable, but i make sure to compare wikipedia’s writings to other write ups on the net.. :3

      >:3 <– ebil bunneh.. :3

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